The Praying Mantis as a pet

Praying mantises as a pet, most people have never heard of it. These insects are super interesting and also quite easy to keep! This is the perfect exotic first pet. Most species are not much more difficult than walking stick insects.

Praying mantises are very usefull insects. They are toppredators found over the entire globe. In the wild they keep other insect populations under control by eating them. A lot of species also imitate objects, in order to avoid getting eaten by larger animals such as birds. This Ghost Mantis on the left is known to imitate branches. It is commonly found in Large parts of Africa. Their colors can vary from black, brown to even green!

Other species prefer flying insects as food. In order to accomplish this they mimic flowers. This Spiny Flower Mantis has all the pretty colors you would imagine a flower has. It has 2 dots on his wings, which look like big eyes from a distance. This adaptation helps them survive in the wild. With these eyes the praying mantis looks much larger than it actually is.